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About the series


“Pan Gorzała Mini Show©” is an animated comedy series about absurd adventures of a duo from a fictional capital city of Poland: an old bachelor, Mr. Gorzała, and his “adopted” teenage boy, Maks. A particular life circumstance – that is, Maks’ mom trip to the US, form which she somehow forgot to return – turned both characters into almost a family. Although Gorzała was supposed to only keep an eye on the young neighbor, he took over the father figure role a bit too seriously – the figure, which Maks never had in his life. Undoubtedly, the regularly sent dollars strengthen the ‘family bond’… especially Gorzała’s ‘fatherhood.’ Gorzała keeps on trying to pass his ‘life wisdom’ on Maks – without much success, as his attempts end with a comical generational conflict. Thanks to his dodgy character and being up to no good, Gorzała turns any situation into a huge embarrassment.

“Pan Gorzała Mini Show©” is a compilation of short independent sitcom/action episodes. The first season is composed of 13 episodes. The length of the episodes varies between 3-6 min.

Currently, the series is exclusively produced by Bajkorama©; however, are open to co-production od the ongoing project.

In the meantime, Bajkorama© is working on longer-format episodes (cca. 15 – 20 min). Viewers will not only follow the adventures of Mr. Gorzała and Maks, but also of more or less crazy neighborhood friends and other residents of the city.


About Us

Our core team

  • Joanna Drozdz
  • General Manager & Co-founder
  • Maros Koncok
  • Director of Visuals & Co-founder
  • Daniel Kobus
  • Chief of Story
  • Ivo Paczkowski
  • Script writer


Bajkorama© is a company specializing in animation production and creation of storyboards, animatics, scripts, etc. We cooperate with professional artists, script writers, and animation studios from Poland and abroad.

As producers, we believe that professionalism in the world of entertainment is uncompromising. We want to create high-quality projects with original and compelling stories. Our first project is the comedy series for teenagers and adults – “Pan Gorzała Mini Show©.” In the meantime, we are continuing to work on the development of two animated, feature films and a TV series for kids.


  • Train – Episode 3

    01.04.2016 –  A third episode ‘Train’ is already on YouTube! Don’t forget to check it out 🙂 Thanks!

  • A Village Buddy – Episode 2

    02.02.2016  – Hey there! You can now watch a second episode of “Pan Gorzała Mini Show©”  – ‘A Village Buddy’ with EN subtitles. Patience – more is on its way! 😉

  • Driving Lesson – Episode 1

    04.01.2016 – And here it is! The episode ‘Driving Lesson’ is already on YouTube! Enjoy 🙂

  • It’s kick-off time :)

    17.09.2015 – Welcome to the official website of Bajkorama© and our first project “Pan Gorzała©.” Follow us on Facebook and YouTube for more upcoming news and info! 🙂 Thanks a bunch! 🙂


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